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PLO: Peters Eliminated by 4-Time Bracelet Winner

Level 9: Blinds 1.5k/3k/3k

Michael "Levi" Peters got all of his remaining chips into the middle preflop against four-time WSOP Bracelet Winner Brad Ruben who covered.

Michael "Levi" Peters: [Jd10c8d9s]

Brad Ruben: [AhKsJc3h]

"Wow, woke up with a hand," Someone at the table commented to Peters.

"Yeah I'm actually rooting for the guy, and I'm the one who called!" Ruben laughed as the dealer prepared to spread the cards.

The flop of [10h5h3c] gave Peters the lead with his pair of tens, and the turn [5c] changed nothing, but the [Jh] on the river was a gut punch as it gave him two-pair but also gave Ruben a flush to send Peters to the rail.

Michael "Levi" Peters: 0

Brad Ruben: 170,000


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