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PLO: Shaw Falls to Dakota Patsfield

David Shaw made it 5,000 to go preflop and was called by three players to see a flop of [Kd2s5h].

Shaw potted for 25,000 and Dakotah Patsfield repotted to put him all in, which he called.

Shaw - [AdKh3s4s] - top pair & wrap

Patsfield - [KsKcxsx] top set

when the turn came the [7s], only non-spade straight cards could save Shaw, but the river was the [5d] to give Patsfield the top full house to bust him.

Not one known for firing one bullet, Shaw has already re-entered the tournament and is sitting with a starting stack of 30,000 while Patsfield has a comfortable stack of 185,000.


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