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PLO: Shaw Shoves Blind from Wrong Seat

Level 5: Blinds 300/600/600

David Shaw had just sat down after re-entering the tournament at table 15 and potted it blind pre flop. Then it was discovered that he was, in fact, seated at the wrong table and the floor was called over to review the situation.

The floor ruled that too much action had ensued and that the hand would play out normally and then he would be moved after.

"Wait so I can hit and run these guys?" Shaw joked as the player behind him raised the pot and then he moved all in blind against two opponents who both called.

Bruce Walters: [Kd3d3s2s]

Opponent 2: [AsKsQh6h]

David Shaw: [10d8s5c4d]

"Oh that hand is winning for sure," a tablemate said, referring to Shaw's hand.

And sure enough, the runout came [8c7hQs8h7s] to give Shaw trip eights to scoop the pot of around 82,000, busting the other two players in the process.


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