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PLO: Tony Mender Sends Players Into the Money with Double KO

After a series of preflop raises, resulting in an all-in from Trey Mattison and a call from Tony Mender and David Shaw, the three players went to a flop of [Jd7h5d].

All of the money between Mender and Shaw immediately got into the middle, with Mender covering, and the three players tabled their hands.

Mattison: [QsJc10d9s]

Shaw: [10c9d7s6d]

Mender: [AsAd8dJh]

All the players had outs to win, but Mender had the best of it, especially when the turn came the [Qd] to give him the nut flush. Only a queen or a jack could give Mattison a full house to win, but the river was a brick [3c] to send both players packing while Mender scooped the pot.

With this double elimination, the remaining 7 players are now in the money!


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