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PLO: Vora Scoops Three-Way All in

Level 7: Blinds 500/1k/1k

On a three-way flop of [8hJd10s], Sanjeet Vora and his two opponents got all the money in the middle, with Vora covering.

Opponent 1: [JsJc9h9d]

Opponent 2: [10h8c8d7s]

Sanjeev Vora: [AdQd9c3d]

Vora was in the lead with his flopped nut straight and was looking good because his opponents both had flopped sets, decreasing their chances to pair the board.

The turn came a brick [5c] and the river came the case [9s] to give his opponent two sets, nines and jacks, but Vora was still good with his straight so he was awarded the pot and scored a double knockout in the process. Vora is now sitting at 169,000 in chips, one of the larger stacks in the tournament.


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