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PLO: Wilkinson Doubles Through Delaney

"Fireman" Scott Dulaney potted it to 52,000 preflop and was called by Stuart Wilkinson and Praise Ogwo.

The flop came out [Ad2d9h] and Dulaney potted it again to 176,000 and the action was then on Wilkinson.

After thinking for a second, Wilkinson announced he was all in and Ogwo promptly folded while Dulaney made the call.

"I just have a flush draw," Dulaney admitted as he flipped over [8d8h7d7d] but was not happy when he was shown [Ad2d9h4h] by Wilkinson for a pair of aces and a superior flush draw.

Dulaney failed to improve on the [3cJh] runout and Wilkinson scored a double-up.

Fireman Scott Dulaney: 180,000

Stuart Wilkinson: 575,000

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