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Pulido Pulls it Off

Level 13: 3k/6k/6k

After a quick betting war, three players found themselves all in before the flop.

Darwing Pulido: [9c10c]

Martin Fuller: [Ks6s]

Scott McDonough: [8d8h]

The flop came [8cjdkd] to immediately give McDonough a big lead with his set of eights, but the turn [qs] ended that celebration as it gave Pulido a straight. The river was a complete brick [2s] and Pulido scooped the main for a triple-up while McDonough was pushed the much larger side pot. Meanwhile, Fuller was eliminated and exited the tournament area.

Darwing Pulido: 36,000

Scott McDonough: 145,000

Martin Fuller: 0

Darwing Pulido


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