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Richards Shoves Turn

Level 12: Blinds 1.5k/3k/3k

Jessica "gorjesshtx" Richards opened to 6,500 from late position and was then raised to 20,000 by Neil Vora in the small blind. Richards made the call and the two went heads-up to a flop of [QdQh6h].

Vora continued for 12,000 and was called by Richards to see a turn [4h]. Vora then paused for a few seconds before he decided to check and then Richards saw this as her cue to move all in for around 45,000.

Vora quickly folded his hand and the pot was awarded to Richards to boost her stack to around 80,000.

Jessica "gorjesshtx" Richards- 80,000

Neil Vora- 115,000


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