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Robin Flops Quads

Level 10: Blinds 1,500/3k/3k

On a completed board of [10d10s10h3h6c], Ryan Dean bet 27,000 into the pot but then Alex Robin moved all in, covering Dean.

Dean then went deep into the tank, weighing his options.

"You really got the ten?" he asked Robin after a while, but got no response. "I have a boat," he continued, sounding puzzled.

Another minute went by and he finally announced a fold and said he had pocket eights for a full house.

Robin was then kind enough to show him he made the right choice as he flashed [jc10c] for quad tens.

Robin was now one of the top stacks in the room with 300,000 while Dean was left with 140,000.

Alex Robin: 300,000

Ryan Dean: 140,000


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