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Rollercoaster for Lopez

Level 11: Blinds 2k/4k/4k

The pot was around 65,000 when Trilok Ghanshyam moved all in for around 100,000 on a heads-up turn of [2c2s8hQh]. This sent his opponent, Matthew Lopez, into the tank.

After spending some time deliberating his options, Lopez decided to put himself at risk and made the call.

Matthew Lopez: [JsJc]

Trilok Ghanshyam: [8s9h]

Lopez made the right decision with his superior jacks, and the river fell the [Ks] to secure his victory for the double up.

Two hands later, however, these same two players got it all in preflop but this time Lopez was the one covering.

Trilok Ghanshyam: [Qc3c]

Matthew Lopez: [AsKd]

Unfortunately for Lopez, the board ran out [9h9c10h3h5d] to pair Ghanshyam's three to win him the pot for a big double-up.

Trilok Ghanshyam: 260,000

Matthew Lopez: 160,000


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