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Rountree Busts Obar in Insane Pot

On a three-way turn board of [6c5d2dKd], Daniel Iorns checked to Josh Obar who just ripped his entire stack of 1,500,000 into the pot and was snap-called by Collin Rountree.

Iorns got out of the way and the cards were tabled with Obar at risk.

Josh Obar: [Ks7s]

Collin Rountree: [10d7d]

Obar held a pair of kings but was drawing stone dead as Rountree already hit his flush. The river came a meaningless brick and Rountree was pushed the pot of almost 3,000,000 while Obar headed to the exit.

Rountree is now the undisputed chipleader with 14 players left in the field.


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