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Ruben Shoves on Burchfield

Kris Burchfield opened to 125,000 with [5h6h] and was called by Brad Ruben with [As4c].

The flop comes out a dramatic [Ah4h7s] to give two pair to Ruben and a big combo draw for Burchfield.

Ruben checked, Burchfield continued for 120,000, and then Ruben check-raised to 340,000, which Burchfield called.

The turn [Qs] changed nothing and Ruben moved all in for 1,660,000 and Burchfield went into the tank.

After some beard scratching and head-shaking, Burchfield decided to toss it in and the pot was pushed to Ruben.

Ruben - 2,700,000

Burchfield - 1,800,000


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