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Russell Rewarded on River

Level 9: Blinds 1k/2k/2k

On a three-way board of [4d7sAs6d], all of the chips between Mark Jefferson, Matthew Russell, and Jose Toro got in the middle, with Toro covering.

Mark Jefferson: [Ah6h]

Matthew Russell: [Ad8d]

Jose Toro: [KsQs]

Jefferson had the best of it currently but needed to fade half of the deck as any 5,7,8, or diamond would give the win to Russell, while any non-six spade would give the win to Toro.

Alas, the river came the [2d] to give Russell the win in the huge pot, eliminating Jefferson in the process and leaving Toro on life support. Toro got it all in the very next hand but could not win the battle and was sent to the rail.

Mark Jefferson: 0

Jose Toro: 0

Matthew Russel: 330,000


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