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Schlosser Makes the Call

Level 24: Blinds 40k/80k/80k

On a heads-up turn of [Kc8d6dQh], Dexter Baier was first to act and he bet 295,000 into the pot of around 600,000 and was called by Wladimir Schlosser.

The river came the [Kd] and Baier fired again, this time for 705,000, but this amount did not faze Schlosser as he promptly set out a stack of chips.

"You're good," Baier sighed as he flipped over [Ah10h] for ace high to which Schlosser flipped over [Qd10d] for a rivered flush to take down the big pot.

Dexter Baier: 1,750,000

Wladimir Schlosser: 4,050,000


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