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1E: Schuyler Oliver Holds With Kings; Mattison Exits

Trey Mattison open-jammed for around 28,000 and Carl Nece made the call to put him at risk, but then Schuyler Oliver shoved over the top for 65,000.

"Ugh, I didn't even really want to call the first one!" Nece sighed as he counted his chips.

"Alright, I'm behind, but I call," he announced as he set out his chips and the cards were tabled.

Mattison: [Qc10c] Schuyler Oliver: [KsKc]

Carl Nece: [Ah10h]

Nece and Mattison needed some help to catch up to Oliver's kings, and the flop of [10s5s7c] gave them hop as they each made a pair of tens, but the runout of [3d8h] failed to provide and Oliver scooped the pot.

Mattison was sent to the rail and has sat down at a PLO cash game to try and freeroll his next bullet while Nece exited soon after.


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