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Scoop and Score for Staats

On a flop of [4dJd7h], a massive pot broke out as Chris Staats, Terance 'Tino' Perez, Antti Marttinen, and Alex Robin all got their stacks in the middle, with Robin covering.

Antti Marttinen: [Kd8d]

Chris Staats: [QdJs]

Terance 'Tino' Perez: [7d7c]

Alex Robin: [Ad5d]

Perez was in the lead with his set of sevens, but still had to dodge the diamond draw of Robin, as Marttinen was already drawing stone dead. So Perez thought he had it in the bag when the [Jh] came on the turn to give him a full house, but what he didn't count on was the river coming the [4h] to give Staats a bigger boat on the river to scoop the main pot of almost 400,000 while he was awarded the side pot.


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