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Shannon Outkicks Luna for Big Double

Level 15: Blinds 5k/10k/10k

In a multi-way pot, the board read [7dJcJs] when Steven Brooks led out for 30,000 and was called by Ryan Luna. Then when the action got to Angy Shannon, she decided to ship in her stack of 220,000 and it folded back around to Luna who went into the tank. After getting a proper count, he decided to make the call to put her at risk.

Angy Shannon: [Jd10h]

Ryan Luna: [Jh6h]

"Ahh, I knew it! I was so close to folding," Luna sighed as he realized he was out-kicked by Shannon.

The board ran out [8sQc] to secure the win for Shannon for a big double-up while Luna was left with a below-average stack.

Angy Shannon: 330,000

Ryan Luna: 180,000


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