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Shaw Doubles Up Twice

On a completed board of [9c8hQc2d9h], Schyler Oliver checked over to his heads-up opponent David Shaw, who thought for a second before announcing a bet of 300,000- which left him with only around 100,000 behind.

Oliver took some time to think it over, but eventually elected on a call and set out a stack out chips.

Shaw then confidently flipped over [6h9s] for trip nines on the river and Oliver quickly mucked to award Shaw the double up.

A few hands later, Shaw managed to get his stack in again versus larger stack Collin Rountree.

David Shaw: [JcJd]

Collin Rountree: [Ac5h]

The board ran out [6d10sKcKd3s] to give Shaw the win for yet another double-up and he is now sitting at 2,300,000.


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