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Shaw Scoops With a Six

Level 14: Blinds 4k/8k/8k

After losing a big pot the previous hand, David Bromberg moved all in with his remaining chips and David Shaw moved all in right behind him for more.

Then Derek Law, who was also short on chips, decided to throw his hat in the ring and shipped his stack as well. All three players then tabled their cards, with Shaw covering.

David Bromberg: [4s6s]

Derek Law: [As10c]

David Shaw: [Ad6h]

The flop of [7s8s6c] was ideal for Bromberg as he flopped a pair and a combo flush/straight draw, but Shaw also flopped a pair of sixes with a better kicker and that managed to hold out through the [8cJh] runout.

Shaw was pushed the substantial pot of around 200,000 as Bromberg and Law were sent to the rail.


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