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Sick Call Sends out Shaw

On a heads-up flop of [8c4c2d], David Shaw checked to Lance Nielsen who bet 100,000 into the pot.

Shaw then check-raised all in for around 350,000 total and Nielsen went into the tank.

"I just got a face that people don't believe," Shaw laughed after a good while.

After a few minutes passed, the clock was called and Nielsen was given a 30-second timer, but he then immediately made the call to put Shaw at risk.

Shaw flipped over [6s6d] but then Nielsen rolled over [7h7c] for a superior holding.

"Damn! Nice hand! I really thought I had you when you tanked like that, great call, I put you on ace-king!" Shaw was shocked and impressed by Nielsen's call and after the board bricked out he was sent to the cage to collect his payout.


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