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Steinbacher Doubles

Level 12: Blinds 2,500/5,000/5,000

On a multi-way flop of [qh7hjd], Shawn Thompson made it 16,000 to go after it was checked to him.

Then Michael Steinbacher check-raised all in for 51,500 total, and now the action was back to Thompson. After some deliberation, Thompson made the call, putting Steinbacher at risk of elimination.

Michael Steinbacher: [kdqs]

Shawn Thompson: [10hjc]

Thompson needed some help to catch up with Steinbacher's superior pair of queens, but the runout of [6d6h] did him no favors and Steinbacher secured the double.

Michael Steinbacher: 150,000

Shawn Thompson: 110,000

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