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Steinbacher Shows the Winner

Level 22: Blinds 25k/50k/50k

On a heads-up completed board of [qs9hqh9c4h], Michael Steinbacher moved all in for a total of 1,075,000, which put Nicholas Riali in the tank.

"What do you think I have," Riali asked him after a few seconds.

"Probably aces, or you hit your flush," Steinbacher responded.

"I have better than a flush," continued Riali.

"Then you hit your nine and you're conflicted," said Steinbacher, matter-of-factly, "I'lll show you either way."

Riali furrowed his brow and mulled it over for another few seconds before tossing in his cards, showing the [9s].

Steinbacher was then true to his word and flipped over [jcjd] for two-pair as he was pushed the pot.

"Very nice hand," Riali said, shaking his head.

Michael Steinbacher


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