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Summers Scoops The Main

Level 12: Blinds 2.5k/5k/5k

After Mitchell Bono opened to 15,000 but then David Summers moved all in right behind for around 45,000. Andrew Venegas then moved all in for slightly more and action folded back around to Bono who shoved in his stack as well.

The cards were then all tabled, with Bono covering the other two.

David Summers: [KhKs]

Andrew Venegas: [KdQd]

Mitchell Bono: [AdJs]

Summers was in a great position to triple up with his pocket kings, and the board of [9h9dQh9s6c] gave him a full house to scoop the main pot while Venegas took the side pot with his smaller full house.

David Summers: 180,000

Andrew Venegas: 15,000

Mitchel Bono: 20,000


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