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Than Doubles Through Dudley

Level 17: Blinds 10k/15k/15k

In a heads-up pot between Julie Than and Aclee Dudley, the board read [Ah10c10d9h] when Than bet 125,000.

Dudley then decided to raise it up to 275,000 and put the pressure back on Than who went into the tank.

After around 30 seconds, Than announced she was all-in for 475,000 total, 220,000 more.

After mulling it over for a good while, Dudley finally made the call to put Than at risk.

Julie Than: [Ks10s]

Aclee Dudley: [Ac7s]

Dudley did not look too happy with his decision and was now only drawing to an ace to win, but the river came the [8d] to secure Than's victory in the huge pot.

Fortunately for Dudley, he busted out Toni Hamalainen the very next hand to recoup some of his losses.

Julie Than: 1,200,000

Aclee Dudley: 1,050,000

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