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Than Doubles Up; Last Woman Standing

Level 21: 20k/40k/40k

Julie Than moved all in for 240,000 from early position and action folded back around to Rany Noll in the big blind.

After thinking about it for some time, he finally said, "I guess I'll take a chance," and pushed his calling chips into the middle. The cards were then tabled, with Than at risk of elimination.

Julie Than: [KhQh]

Randy Noll: [Jd9s]

Than was in good shape with her king high, and the board of [AhAs3dKc8h] was safe as it gave her two-pair to win her the pot for a double-up.

With the loss of Jennifer Myers a few hands ago, Thn is now the last woman standing in the tournament.

Julie Than: 520,000

Randy Noll: 1,150,000

Julie Than


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