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Two Flips for Tran

Level 13: Blinds 3k/6k/6k

Lam Tran open-shoved under-the-gun for 67,000 and was called by Anthony Lewis, who covered.

Lam Tran: [adkd]

Anthony Lewis: [5s5c]

Lewis was slightly ahead in this flip, but the runout of [ks8sjcjs8c] gave Tran the win with his king.

The very next hand, Andrew Venegas open-shoved from under-the-gun for around 40,000 and was called by none other than Tran. The cards were on their backs, with Venegas at risk.

Andrew Venegas: [8d8s]

Lam Tran: [kdqs]

"Can I get the same flop as last time, the one with the two eights?" Venegas joked.

Although the flop of [10s10cad] was safe for Venegas, the turn [js] gave Tran a Broadway straight and the river [3d] sealed his fate and he was eliminated.

Lam Tran: 175,000

Anthony Lewis: 470,000

Andrew Venegas: 0


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