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Venkat Chivukula Cracks Richard Pease's Aces

Venkat Chivukula opens to 8,500 and is immediately three-bet to 20,000 by Richard Pease, causing action to fold back to Chivukula, who calls.

The flop comes out [7h4hQh] and Chivukula checks to Pease, who bets 50,000 and Chivukula calls.

On the turn [5s], Chivukula checks, Pease moves all in for 60,000, and Chivukula snap-calls to put him at risk.

Pease tables [AsAc] but his stomach drops when Chivukula rolls over [7h4h] for a flopped two-pair. Only an ace, queen or five will save him from elimination, but the river is the brick [Kd] to send him to the rail while Chivukula rakes in the pot.


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