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Vo and Noll Chop up Pham

Randy Noll moved all in for 67,000 and Tan "King" Vo shoved behind for 87,000 total. Joseph Pham then made the call and the rest of the table got out of the way as the cards were exposed.

"Wait, I didn't know he was in!" Pham gestured to Noll, "Wow, I thought it was just King! Really glad he didn't have like 300,000 behind."

Pham then felt a little better when Noll and Vo both flipped over pocket jacks while he held king-queen offsuit.

"I think you're ahead!" the table joked to Pham as the dealer prepared the side pots.

Unfortunately for Pham, the board ran out [4s7c3s5d8h] for the jacks to hold and they chopped up Pham's chips.

Vo and Noll exchanged an air high-five while Pham was left shaking his head at his mistake.

Tan "King" Vo: 170,000

Randy Noll: 117,000

Joseph Pham: 120,000


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