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Vo KOs Cummings & Brassieur in Massive Three-Way Pot

On a three-way flop of [Kd2c10c], Chris Cummings moved all in for 700,000 and was called by Justin Brassieur to put him at risk, but then chip leader Phu Vo shoved over the top to cover. Brassieur went into the tank for a good while while he considered his options, and eventually sighed and made the call.

Chris Cummings: [QhJh]

Justin Brassieur: [Qc9c]

Phu Vo: [Ks10d]

Vo was in the lead so far with his top two-pair, but still had to fade straight and flush outs from his adversaries. Fortunately for him, the turn [10h] completely killed the action as it gave him a full house and left his opponents completely dead as the board completed with the [6s].

Cummings received $5,890 for his 6th place finish while Brassieur was awarded $7,300 in 5th.


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