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Vo Scoops Another Massive Pot; Cabrera Exits

On a three-way completed board of [9c9s5cJsKc], Phu Vo bet 365,000 into the pot of over 400,000 after it was checked to him by Billy Seber.

The action was then on Augustin Cabrera, who only had around 315,000 in his stack. After a good amount of time in the tank, he decided to make the call, putting himself at risk.

It was then back around to Seber who mulled it over for a bit before he also decided to make the call and the cards were tabled.

Cabrera turned over [Ac10c] for the rivered ace-high flush but then Vo flipped over [Jc9h] for a full house and Seber hastily mucked his hand, admitting he also had a flush. Vo was shipped the huge pot to further increase his chip lead while Cabrera headed to the cage for his $2,800 payout.


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