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Vo Shoves Flop

Level 12: Blinds 2,500/5k/5k

On a three-way flop of [Kd8c6h], there was already around 40,000 in the pot when Jeffrey Nowling led out from the small blind for 15,000.

Tong Mu called behind in the big blind but then Phu Vo in the cutoff jammed all in for around 120,000 and put the pressure back on Nowling.

After a couple of seconds, Nowling decided to let it go, and Mu followed suit shortly after to award Vo the pot.

"You have king-jack?" Vo asked as he flipped over [ksqc] for a pair of kings with a queen kicker.

"I had a big draw", Nowling replied as Vo stacked his new chips.

Jeffrey Nowling: 240,000

Tong Mu: 205,000

Phu Vo: 180,000


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