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Vo Turns Machen Dead

Ethan Machen moved all in preflop for around 50,000 and then Phu Vo moved all in behind him for much more. The rest of the table quickly got out of the way and the cards were tabled.

Ethan Machen: [Ad8d]

Phu Vo: [KsKc]

Vo was ahead going into this matchup, but an ace came right in the window of the [2s3sAs] flop to give the lead to Machen. But Vo did have the nut flush draw so the fight was still pretty fair.

However, it quickly became very unfair when the turn came the [Kd] to give Vo a set of kings and left Machen drawing stone dead. The board completed with the 8h] to seal Machen's fate and he was sent to the rail while the pot was shipped to Vo to further increase his stack.

Ethan Machen: 0

Pho Vo: 330,500


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