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Washburn Flops a Miracle

Level 8: Blinds 800/1,600/1,600

Bob Cote raised to 6,000 in early position and James Washburn called behind. Then Otis Harrell on the button moved all in for around 30,000. This prompted Cote to re-shove for more, totaling around 170,000 and Washburn made the call. The cards were then tabled, with Cote covering.

Otis Harrell: [jdjh]

James Washburn: [3d3c]

Bob Cote: [qsqh]

Cote was a big favorite to score a double knockout, but the flop of [3h6h6s] immediately gave Washburn the lead with a flopped full house. The runout of [4h9s] was no help to the other players and Washburn was awarded the pot for a big triple-up while Harrell was sent to the rail. Meanwhile, Cote was just shaking his head as he was left with around 100,000.


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