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Wayne Doubles; Evans Exits

Tzu "Jerry" Yen opened to 45,000 and Jeremy Evans called behind in the small blind, but then Lawrence Wayne in the big blind moved all in for 240,000. Yen decided to lay it down but Evans made the call to put him at risk.

Lawrence Wayne: [Ad10d]

Jeremy Evans: [AcJs]

Wayne was going to need some help from the board as he was dominated by Evans' superior ace, and the flop of [Qd2s6d] gave him life as he flopped a flush draw.

the turn [8c] did not do it for him but the [2d] on the river sure did as he hit his flush to win the pot.

"Hey, look at that! One for the good guys!" Wayne laughed as the chips were pushed his way for a double-up.

Left short, Evans then got it all in a few hands later with pocket nines against Andrew Huey with ace-queen but a queen came on the river to send him packing.


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