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Williams Out-Kicks Morales

Sean Williams opened to 6,500 from late position and was called by Carlos Morales in the big blind and Ro Baskar under-the-gun.

The flop came out [JcAs9h] and Morales led out for 15,000 which saw a fold from Baskar and a call from Williams.

The turn was the [6h] and Williams continued for 25,000 and Williams made the call after some thought.

On the river [Qh], Morales fired once more for 30,000 and Williams paused for a few seconds before tossing the chips out.

"One pair," Morales announced as he turned over [Ad8c] for a pair of aces but then Williams tabled [AcKs] for a pair of aces but with a much higher kicker to take the pot.

Sean Williams: 225,000

Carlos Morales: 215,000


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