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Wladimir Schlosser Eliminated in 4th Place ($17,290*)

Level 27: Blinds 75k/150k/150k

Vladimir Schlosser moved all in preflop and was quickly called off by chip leader Aclee Dudley.

Wladimir Schlosser: [9s9c]

Aclee Dudley: [Qd10h]

"Ok, two overs, that's all I can ask for," Dudley said as he saw what he was up against.

Schlosser was the favorite going into this matchup, but the flop of [Ad2cQh] put him behind Dudley's pair of queens. The board ran out [5c3c] to secure Dudley's win and Schlosser exited the tournament in 4th place. His payout of $17,290 was due to to the ICM deal that the players agreed upon.


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