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Yeung Spikes River to Scoop

On a flop of [8c4c7s], Karia Yeung checked, Loong Voong bet 15,000, Brandon Johnson raised to 50,000, and then Yeung check-jammed for 70,000. Voong then called for less and Johnson tossed in the additional chips to put both players at risk.

Voong: [9h10h]

Yeung: [6c7c]

Johnson: [4d5d]

All three players had a good piece of this flop, but Yeung had the best of it with her pair and flush draw. The turn [jd] was the card Voong was looking for as he made the nut straight but was then brutalized by the river [9c] as Yeung made a flush.

Yeung then scooped the entire pot, eliminating Voong and leaving Johnson short.


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