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Zenebe Cracks Kings on the River

Level 14: Blinds 4k/8k/8k

Thomas Vinas moved all in preflop for 25,000 and then Yonase Zenebe shoved over the top for more. Then Sean Cha moved all in behind him for even more and the rest of the table folded as the cards were tabled.

Thomas Vinas: [As6c]

Yonase Zenebe: [QhJh]

Sean Cha: [KcKd]

Cha was a huge favorite to scoop the pot for a double knockout, but the poker gods had other plans as the board ran out [7c10c7d8s9s] to give Zenebe a straight on the river to win the pot. Vinas was sent to the rail and Cha was left shaking his head as he was left short.

Ironically, Cha moved all in with [QcJc] the very next hand against [Ac5c] and managed to double up on a board of [Kh10sJd7c2s].

Thomas Vinas: 0

Sean Cha: 160,000

Yonase Zenebe: 245,000

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