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Zenebe KOs Petenbrink

Level 12: Blinds 2,500/5k/5k

Yonase Zenebe opened to 12,000 and then Stephen Petenbrink ripped the rest of his stack into the middle for a total of 56,000.

Action folded back around to Zenebe who decided to make the call, putting Petenbrink at risk of elimination.

Stephen Petenbrink: [4h4d]

Yonase Zenebe: [Kd7d]

Petenbrink was a slight favorite with his pocket fours, but the flop of [7sQc10c] left him shaking his head as Zenebe paired his seven to take the lead. The board completed with [Qs9d] to seal Petenbrink's fate and sent him to the rail.


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