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Kieth Knapp Eliminated in 7th Place ($550); Remaining Players Bag

Level 18: Blinds 10,000/20,000/20,000

Keith Knapp and Jason Mabry managed to get all of the chips into the middle before the flop, with Knapp at risk.

Keith Knapp: [adkd]

Jason Mabry: [kckh]

Mabry was ahead going in, and the runout of [3d6h9c2s3c] secured his victory and eliminated Knapp in 7th place for a payout of $550.

Now that only six players remain, play has stopped and the bagging process has begun. These players now will return on Sunday to compete for the top prize on Day 2. They also have the option of firing again in another flight to try and win the $1,500 double bag bonus.

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