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Shannon Sniffs It Out

Level 4: Blinds 300/600/600

On a flop of [8s3cac], Angy Shannon bet 2,000 and was called by her two opponents, Christopher Casillas and Christopher Bell.

The turn came the [8h] and Shannon continued for another 2,000, but this time was only called by Bell and the two went heads-up to the river [qd].

Shannon fired again for 2,000 but was then raised to 8,000 by Bell, which put the pressure back on Shannon.

After a brief stint in the tank, Shannon made the call and Bell did not look too pleased as he flipped over [6h6c] for two-pair, sixes and eights. Shannon then flipped over her [ad4s] for her superior two-pair of aces and eights to take down the pot.

Angy Shannon: 83,000

Christopher Bell: 24,000

Christopher Casillas: 25,000

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